Joel Marius

Joel Marius

Financial Advisor
Wealth Manager
Financial Colors Wealth Management

Clients partner with Joel when it comes to having a financial advisor because Joel is committed, determined, knowledgeable, passionate and has the time, the temperament and the talent. Joel got involved in the financial industry since the year 2001 because Joel has always had a passion to help people when it comes to pursuing financial, investment, insurance and retirement goals. Joel love’s helping people whether they are starting to build wealth or have built wealth and want to maintain and protect it to last a legacy. Joel is very much involved in the local community and working with clients across the country such as families, businesses, executives, doctors and professional athletes in helping them grow, maintain, protect their wealth and not outlive their money.

By looking at what’s important to Joel’s clients’, Joel focuses on a simple approach and creative investment strategies to help his clients pursue their financial, investment, insurance and retirement goals. This includes creating a financial plan that is reviewed with the client, creating and monitoring investment portfolios that focus on targeting clients’ investment goals, analyzing and reviewing insurance to make sure clients are protected on all areas and help clients establish strategies to increase their income. All of these strategies might be done not only by investing in stocks and bond, but also by looking at what Joel’s clients are passionate about. Joel can help convert his clients’ passion into income and growth of capital that can also be passed to the next generation within the family or charitable causes. With Joel’s 17 years of knowledge and experience in the financial industry and being a business owner, Joel Marius is determined to help his clients target their financial and insurance goals to grow and protect their money and pay less taxes. Joel is always taking advantage of every opportunity to better himself, learn and continue to grow his knowledge and focus on making sure that his clients are well taken care off.

As a financial advisor and wealth manager, securities licensed since 2010 and being in the financial industry since the year 2001, Joel Marius provides services to his clients with a different approach than his competitors. Joel works with his clients in the areas of financial planning, asset and liability protection, investments planning, insurance planning, business planning, tax planning and estate planning.

Joel Marius is an Advisory representative offering investments and advisory services through Lincoln Financial Securities, Member SIPC. Lincoln Financial Securities Corp. and its representatives do not provide legal or tax advice. Individuals should consult their legal or tax advisor regarding any legal or tax information as it relates to your personal circumstances.