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Welcome to Financial Colors Wealth Management


Why Partner with Financial Colors Wealth Management? We are passionate about helping people achieve their goals and we have chosen to do this in the financial arena. Although money touches every aspect of our lives, we don’t want money to be your main focus. We want you to focus on a better life, happier life, a successful life.

We show individuals, families and businesses a new perspective and simple approach on how to grow, maintain and protect their wealth. We do this starting with the basis of sound and thorough financial planning, covering all variations of investments and insurance. From basic budgeting and financial education to estate, insurance, investment, college, business planning and development. We also focus on helping people turn their passion into income.

Who is Financial Colors Wealth Management? Joel Marius and Christopher McFadden started Financial Colors Wealth Management in Plano, TX. Serving clients all over the country. Joel Marius and Christopher McFadden have over 30 years of combined experience in financial planning, wealth management and insurance. They are passionate, hardworking and unique to when it comes to helping their clients grow, maintain and protect their wealth.